Check out ‘Spilled Beanz’ - new original song by yours truly. (Matthew Taylor)


Description & Overview of Matthew Taylor’s Music

It is hard to give a name to something that can’t be defined and, if Matthew Taylor’s music is anything, it is a genre all its own. Indefinable in the best possible way, it leaves fans guessing how they should classify him when they tell all of their friends to attend the next show. When words are used, they are words of praise-saluting Matthew’s talent and originality amidst a local music scene that prefers cover bands … that is, until they hear Mr. Taylor play live for themselves.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter what words people use to define Matthew’s music, it is his ability to affect people that tells fans what they need to know about the music. Just like any genre or style, the songs that Matthew creates, cover a range of defining words, words that everyone can relate to: love … pain … hope … change. All it really comes down to is a gut feeling; a gut feeling that tells listeners that, no matter what name gets pinned onto his style, there is no denying the talent this local musician possesses. Given half the chance to fly, his potential is quite literally ‘sky high’-making Matthew Taylor a musician that the local music scene is proud to call it’s very own, an inspirational family member within a family.

Matthew is now sharing his album ‘Audio Journal’ with 10 tracks showcasing his musical soul. 


Matthew Taylor’s album, Audio Journal, is now available on iTunes!

Matthew Taylor’s album, Audio Journal, is now available on iTunes!

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